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Dr. Kevin Perman


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This section will introduce our patients to the most frequent reconstructive/ functional surgeries for which we are often asked to evaluate patients.  

Reconstructive surgery is not considered “elective” because it involves something we can’t plan for. With reconstructive or functional surgery, we have to make timely, often immediate decisions, about surgery.  Some common issues requiring reconstructive surgery  that our practice frequently sees evolve over time and include complaints such as that eyelid “bump” that just won’t go away, an eyelid that turns in so that lashes irritate your eye, a recently diagnosed malignancy or a blocked tear duct.  Others issues occur suddenly such as with an accident that results in facial or orbital fractures.  Timing is of the essence in many of these cases.  

Reconstructive surgery may be of a small defect, involve the entire eyelid, the tear drainage apparatus or a complicated blow-out fracture. All of these scenarios are seen routinely in our specialty practice.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Reconstructive Surgery in Bethesda MD and Washington DC

Dr. Perman, with 25 years of combined surgical experience of the eyelids and face, look forward to your consultation to devise an appropriate plan of action. If you have any pertinent reports or scans (pathology, CAT, MRI) please bring the report as well as the actual scan (on CD) to your initial consultation. This will facilitate the discussion and determination of an appropriate treatment plan.  

Once evaluated, our staff will work with you and your family to provide you with all the information you need. If necessary, surgery will be scheduled at one of our federally-approved ambulatory surgical centers. From the smallest bump to the devastating event, our patients will receive the highest quality of care and treatment by our veteran nursing staff and sedation by the expert Johns Hopkins/Sibley Hospital anesthesia staff.