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Dr. Kevin Perman


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The basis of all facelift surgery is a tightening of the underlying supporting structures of the face.  Although loose skin is addressed, the operation does not simply involve removing excess skin.
In the facelift where an area of greater laxity includes the neck, the incision is extended behind the ear but hidden in the posterior hairline.  This procedure will often include liposuction of the neck and tightening of the platysma muscle in the neck as well.
A small or minimal incision facelift may be ideal for the patient who does not present with extensive looseness of tissue. This incision is hidden in the contours within the front of the ear, and with just one or two underlying support sutures, the lower face and jawline can be rejuvenated.
The chosen approach is personally tailored to each patient, whether performed as a single procedure or in combination with eyelid and/or brow surgery.  If necessary, skin rejuvenation in the form of filler, laser or Botox-type injections may also be used.  Our goal is always the same: a natural, rested appearance, "LESS IS MORE".
All procedures are performed out-patient in Federally approve ambulatory surgery centers with Johns Hopkins/Sibley Hospital anesthesiologists.

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