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Dr. Kevin Perman


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At The Center for Eyelid and Facial Plastic Surgery, we use fillers either alone or in combination with surgical procedures to restore volume, dealing with both deep and superficial wrinkles. This “stacking” approach to restore volume includes personalizing a program to the patient’s needs. Thicker fillers will volumize the deeper wrinkles/shadows, with the thinner fillers for the fine wrinkles, especially around the lip and corners of the eyelids. Again with a filler experience that dates back many years, to use in Europe before hyaluronic acid fillers were FDA approved in the U.S., experience is why our patients keep coming back.

A treatment plan based on fillers and skin care/rejuvenation is the perfect temporizing approach for the patient who may not be ready to consider surgery. This can be discussed and personally formulated to your needs at the time of consultation.

What is Belotero Balance?

Belotero Balance is a hyaluronic gel based dermal filler that is similar to other fillers that are currently on the market.

The difference between Belotero Balance® and other hyaluronic fillers is the unique process by which it is created. This filler has been formulated to have a thinner and softer consistency.

This process will provide results that are soft, smooth, even and immediate.  

Belotero Balance provided by The Center for Eyelid and Facial Plastic Surgery in Bethesda MD
Belotero Balance in Bethesda MD
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Where can Belotero Balance® be injected? 

·      Nasolabial Folds or Parenthesis 

·      Lips 

·      Crows feet 

·      The Oral Commissures (corners of the mouth) 

·      Marionette lines 

·      Vertical lip lines 

·      Chin Wrinkles 

·      Tear Troughs 

What is the treatment like? 

This is a quick procedure with no down time. You will have a topical anesthetic applied for 30-45 minutes prior to the procedure. The procedure itself will only take 15-20 minutes. 

What can I expect after the treatment? 

This product works to instantaneously plump your skin, filling out your wrinkles and lines so that you will leave our office knowing Belotero Balance is working for you.